We Are Your Network Admin

Hi. My name is Joshua Carlson and I'm a computer nerd. I'm also a husband, father of 3 beautiful sons, artist, and a person who enjoys doing things that help others. That's why At Home Computer has become so successful. Because the more people like you that I help, the more this business becomes something worth doing. And in a world where quality service at a fair price is hard to find, I get the rare privilege of offering both.

We Are Your Network Solution

At Home Computer has been visiting homes and businesses for 15 years.
Networking (Peace of Mind Included)
With our extensive experience in this area, we have greatly simplified the process of setting up your network. We use equipment that is rigorously tested and very affordable, and we only use configurations that are proven to be rock solid.
The Most Affordable Network Admins in The Business
When people think business networking support, they think expensive. We aren't. Get 100% guaranteed network assistance, both remote and on-site, for the lowest rate in the business.
We all wish we could see what's happening before it happens. But we can give you the next best thing. Know exactly what we want to do and why before anything actually happens. It's not paranormal activity. It's award-winning customer support.
You Need Your Network 24/7
which is why we're available 24/7. You've got an emergency, we treat it like an emergency. Simple and fast solutions to keep you running smoothly; and that's exactly how it should be.

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