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How Do I Keep My Computer Virus-Free?

Most of the work At Home Computer does is remove malware from people's computers. This is a very large and complicated shadow that is cast over the internet and PC landscape, so to get you to understand the enemy, some explaining is going to be needed.

IS ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE ENOUGH? This is the biggest misconception in the normal PC market today regarding PC protection. Years ago it used to be enough to have just an antivirus program to defend your computer, but the threats have multiplied... dramatically. No longer is a malignant piece of software labeled simply a virus. There are now worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, rootkits and others. An antivirus program really tries to target mainly viruses, but cannot be expected to eliminate all other non-viral threats. For this reason, it is imperative that a PC user now have overlapping protection to try to cover all malware-related threats.

We have a protection package that is not only usable for the entire lifetime of your system with no recurring fees, but we even guarantee you will not get an infection for 6 months. That is an unheard of warantee in the industry, but that's just how good our protection suite works. Call us to pay only $45 for one of the best protection suites you can get in the industry, backed by the best computer repair company in Butte County.


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