Do you want a system worthy of your TLC, a computer that will work when you need it to? On a budget that will not allow you to buy whatever your heart desires? Whatever your limitations or requirements, keeping up to date on how the available brands are performing is invaluable in your purchase, and we make it easy by organizing this information for you in one place.


2011 Computer Reliability Reports

This provides you with an unbiased summary of the most reliable personal computer manufacturers. The top five brands with the best overall reliability in Q1 2011 are:

  1. IBM/Lenovo (254)
  2. Asus (242)
  3. Toshiba (164)
  4. Apple (149)
  5. HP/Compaq (122)

While the top five reliable manufacturers remained the same this quarter as in the previous Annual report, there were some shifts in position likely influenced by market share changes.

Although both Asus and Lenovo climbed in the rankings, Lenovo managed to maintain their lead.  Interestingly Lenovo increased their market share over 26% this quarter, while ASUS lost almost 40%.

HP/Compaq was the runaway leader in number of PC’s shipped even with losing 2.5% market share, but they are now struggling to stay in the top five.  Although grouped with the “Other brands” category, Samsung is rapidly rising in market share.  Looked at separately Samsung would place third, bumping out HP/Compaq.  With over 260% gain in market share, Samsung is a brand to watch in the future.

Apple, one of the proverbial reliability favorites narrowly missed number one in the last ranking.  Now while increasing 26% in market share, mostly at the expense of Dell, they have fallen to fourth place.  While Apple’s reliability has consistently placed them in the top five, it will be interesting to see if they can keep their ongoing commitment to quality.

At Home Computer Service Call By Manufacturer Statistics

Below is the percentage of hardware-related support calls At Home Computer has received in 2011 from the 5 brands noted in the Computer Reliability Report. We have also included the market share percentage of computers they produced in 2011. This statistic should not be considered a definitive answer as to what brands are reliable and which aren't, but we think it is a useful, if not interesting, collection of data worth noting.

Manufacturer Percentage of Market Share Percentage of Service Calls


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