About Me

Hi. My name is Joshua Carlson and I'm a computer nerd. I'm also a husband, father of 3 beautiful sons, artist, and a person who enjoys doing things that help others. That's why At Home Computer has become so successful. Because the more people like you that I help, the more this business becomes something worth doing. And in a world where quality service at a fair price is hard to find, I get the rare privilege of offering both.

About At Home Computer

At Home Computer has been visiting homes and businesses for over 15 years.
We all wish we could see what's happening before it happens. But we can give you the next best thing. That means you'll know what needs to be done and why, before anything is actually done! It's not paranormal activity. It's award-winning customer support.
Award Winning
At Home Computer has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, among many other private organizations, for making customers happy.
"I see!"
We are good with the English language and we are good with computer language. We feel that excellent communication is our most significant advantage over the competition, because we've found people like to know what we're doing before, after and sometimes during our work. And excellent communication is the only way to ensure that happens every time.
Your Business Is Your Home
Whether it's checking your bank statement in the bedroom or writing an e-mail to an employee after-hours, business follows us to our home computers. So why shouldn't you get business-class service in your home? Well now you do. 24/7 remote and on-site service for your computers whether it happens to be in your office, or in your living room.
At Home Computer

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